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We are Christians who meet week by week in the church on Union Street near Middlesbrough town centre.

• We are an Evangelical Church and worship Jesus Christ, the unique Son of God who became fully human and has lived, died and been raised again.  Only through trusting him can we be put right with God and experience fullness of life both now and permanently.

• Congregational churches have been around in the UK for over 400 years.  Our Church belongs to the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches.

• As a church we believe the Bible is the Word of God.  In our meetings we seek to be reverent towards a holy God and have an emphasis on reading and teaching the Bible.

We seek to maintain an informality that is welcoming to newcomers.

Midweek Meeting

Change of time!

For the time being our midweek bible study and prayer meeting will be at 10am on Wednesday morning.  Come and join us as we study in Luke's gospel.