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What we Believe

Many people know that God exists because of the world he has made and because of his goodness to them. However we need to know how to worship him as we should an dhow to live to please him. God has given us the Bible as his special and entirely reliable book to tell us what to believe and how to live.

We believe in one God. Christians believe that this one God has actually revealed himself as three persons - as the Father and the Son and as the Holy Spirit.

We believe that our personalities are affected throughout by sin and weakness. This spoils our lives and means that we need the Holy Spirit to give us new life so we can know and trust God and live to please him.

We believe that Jesus is the Son of God who genuinely became a real and sinless human being. Through his death any one of us can be forgiven for our sins and through faith counted as being right with God.

We believe that salvation - which is to be forgiven and to have new life from God - comes to us purely from god's kindness and love. All of us should put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ in order to receive this salvation.

We believe that god will one day bring the world to an end. Everybody will be brought back to life to appear before God and get God's verdict on their lives. Only those who have turned from their sinful ways and trusted the Lord Jesus will receive a permanent and happy new life with God.

These beliefs are shared with all Christians who believe the Bible's teaching. Congregationalists in this country have always had a special commitment to religious liberty and tolerance.

Statement of Faith
Midweek Meeting

Change of time!

For the time being our midweek bible study and prayer meeting will be at 10am on Wednesday morning.  Come and join us as we study in Luke's gospel.